Servant leadership Needs to be Restored to Congress

Brookfield WI, — For Democrat Tom Palzewicz, his vision of going to Washington as the representative of Wisconsin’s Fifth District would not about achieving political status, it would be all about servant leadership — working and fighting for all of the people in the 5th district. Palzewicz, a former Vice President of US Bank Mortgage Corporation, serves business leaders in southeastern Wisconsin by advising on critical issues and strategies.

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He believes in putting others ahead of himself to achieve the common good. His approach to politics is reflective of the kind of service of the political leaders who created this country of the late 18th Century. “Look at the men who sacrificed their own personal gain to establish a new democracy in America,” said Palzewicz. “For them it was all about vision, a new vision for their new country. We flippantly talk about the founding fathers, but in truth they left their homes and families, for no personal gain, to serve. Men like John Adams, who left his farm in Massachusetts serve in the Continental Congress and become a driving force in the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.” Doing what is best Palzewicz explains that his desire to serve is not “party first” but a sincere intention to do what is in the best interests of the Fifth District, regardless of party agenda. That is why he focuses on issues and the important needs of the area. “I think any elected official needs to listen to all of their constituents, and take all of that information, and figure out how to bring that back, so that is my passion,” Palzewicz said. “That is my commitment. The other reason I’m running is this country lacks a vision. We really don’t know where we’re going anymore, and because of that we don’t really have a plan of where we want to go, and therefore we’re reacting to whatever’s happening on a regular basis. Our federal government doesn’t have a long-term budget. It doesn’t have a long-term goal or a plan of where we want to build this country.” Palzewicz’s vision of service is different. Palzewicz ran against long-time Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner in 2018, but will face a new opponent in 2020. Palzewicz’s vision of service is different. “He is completely in it for himself,” said Palzewicz of his 2018 opponent. “It’s all about him, and there are too many politicians where they make it about themselves instead of about their constituents. I live in the Fifth Congressional District, and Jim Sensenbrenner has been my congressman for almost my entire adult life. I do not believe that he is about servant leadership. He is about basically doing whatever he thinks is the right thing to do by just whatever he thinks, and he’s actually said this before that he believes that he represents the people that voted for him, not necessarily all his constituents, and I just fundamentally disagree with that.” Palzewicz states he will strive to return integrity to Washington, as a servant leader, to advance the interests of the Fifth District. “Government of the people, by the people and for the people, should never be for just one party or serve only the interests of those with money, power and influence,” Palzewicz continued. “Regardless of party preference or affiliation, I will listen to opinions and concerns and try to find a solution to the issues. This campaign is about all of us.”